About us

Belville Dental Clinic enjoys an impressive reputation among its patients. It has acquired a lot of repeat clients, and our dental clinic is known in the surroundings for the fact that people leave it with a healthy and brilliant smile, full of energy and optimism. How do we succeed in it? Our greatest secrets are hidden in the knowledge, professional approach, team work and cordial welcome!

We are a team of young professionals

Belville Dental Clinic consists of a team of young professionals. Besides the great experience, knowledge and skills that we have been obtaining for years in the field of modern dentistry, we are also proud of our agility and focus that move us forward all day long.

Thus we succeed in providing the same quality of work, attention and care for each patient at any time, and we are also improving ourselves every day. Our formula is simple – we are young, full of enthusiasm and, what is the most important – we adore dentistry! We are constantly striving to be even better every day.

Who are the members of our team?

Belville Dental Clinic is proud of its team which comprises the people of different specialties who work together and exchange experiences in order to choose the best treatment for you.

Together, we possess impressive experience in all the spheres of modern practice. Our aim is to get the position of leaders and experts in the domain of providing dental services. That is something we work on every day, and judging by the results of our work – we succeed in it!

We use modern technologies every day

Modern technologies have always been a part of our work – both during the periods of growing up and education and in the work in our centre. We easily use their full potential in performing the procedures, which enables us more precise diagnostics and a higher quality of services, which then results in a fact that you need to spend less time in our centre.

Guarantee of dental service quality

All the materials we use are made in the European Union and they all have the necessary certificates. After the completed treatment, all our clients get a special guarantee in terms of specifications and reports of the provided services and the used materials.

Pleasant atmosphere of our dental office

The pleasant atmosphere of our dental office and the cordiality of its employees are another characteristic we are proud of, and it is something that especially makes us stand out in the huge number of dental offices in Belgrade.

Vladimir Narančić, DMD, spec.

Ana Frank, DMD, spec.

Tajana Narančić, DMD

Nevena Marković, DMD

Jovana Narančić, DMD, spec.

Jelena Dujović, DMD