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Laser dentistry


Lasers are now used with great success in a number of medical conditions.

The use of lasers in the field of dentistry has multiple positive effects on soft tissue because it provides a less invasive method with minimal postoperative complications and interventions which mostly do not require the use of anesthesia.

When discussing the effects on hard dental tissue we can talk about using lasers to successfully remove cavities following all principles of minimally invasive dentistry, for endodontic root canal treatment as well as certain surgical procedures.

Our staff is fully educated in how to most effectively operate the lasers as well as how to take necessary safety measures to protect the patients as well as themselves.

Some of the many advantages of the use of lasers in dentistry are:

•Quick and easy healing process
•Surgery without blood and without the use of thread for surgical suture
•Highly precise and safe treatments to the soft and the hard tissues

Laser is successfully used in:

•Treatment of periodontitis
•Treatment of root canal (canal sterilization)
•Removal of initial caries in permanent teeth
•Removal of frenulum in children
•Teeth whitening
•Treating mouth ulcers and herpes
•Prosthetic tooth preparation for crown
•Circumcision and excisions


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