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Teeth whitening

It is very possible that your teeth will change color over the years. Also, there are many people who's teeth naturally have a darker shade. Whatever the reason for this happening, advances in dentistry today gives us the ability to easily overcome this problem. Many factors affect the natural color of teeth, some of them are:
Coffee, red wine, tea, fruits like cherries or blueberries
Accumulation of dental plaque
Taking certain antibiotics at the time when the teeth are forming can cause stains on teeth
Change in color after the removal of the nerve

Teeth whitening is now considered a safe and reliable method. What is important to note, that the possible negative consequences are felt for no more than a few days, and they are expressed as tooth hypersensitivity to hot, cold, sweet or sour.

If your teeth are healthy and adequately treated, you're a good candidate for teeth whitening. It is important to know that no method or material used for teeth whitening will have effect on prosthetic devices and any visible fillings in teeth whitening zone, therefore they should be changed after teeth whitening treatment.

Sustainability of results after teeth whitening depends on the consumption of colored food. If the patient uses in nutrition colored food and beverages (soy sauce, colored drinks, red wine, coffee, green tea), or fails to maintain proper oral hygiene, tooth whitening results will last much shorter.

If patients are able to reduce the use of foods with strong pigments and tobacco, the effect of teeth whitening can last several years.

The teeth will, in any case, in time regain the natural color that they had before whitening. To prevent that the patients are advised to repeat the procedure once a year to maintain color. The lasting effect of teeth whitening for smokers is significantly shorter.

It is recommended that whitening is performed by professionals under professional supervision with the use of certified materials.

Advice for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding is to delay the teeth whitening treatment for a certain period of time.


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