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  Belville Dental Center

New, modern office concept that evolved as a result of years of research into the needs of patients, both in terms of quality of service provision and in terms of the entire atmosphere of your visit to the dentist.

In one place, our team of selected professionals is able to give you a full range of services in the field of dentistry. We dedicate ourselves to each patient individually creating a plan of treatment according to modern doctrines. Materials that we use are some of the finest that could be found on the market today.

We will take care of your teeth in a very pleasant environment - modernly equipped premises within the apartment complex Belville, just a few steps away from the Delta City shopping mall.

How do we work?

Contact us in the way that suits you best - mail, telephone, contact form or simply come in person to the Belville Dental Center and make an appointment for a dental checkup or consultation.

Our team will use your dentals and relevant supporting documents to analyze your case and define a dental plan and offer cost details and payment options.

Once you approve your personalized dental plan, and put yourself in capable hands of our professional staff, you can begin to fantasize about future smiles and tastes.

Accommodation and free time

In case you have a need for transfer and accommodation during your treatment in Belville Dental Center or wish to make the best use of your free time between your appointments to the clinic, our personal assistant is at your disposal to answer all you questions and help you organize your stay.

We have already created some of the programs to help you enjoy your free time. Otherwise, you can discuss your own wants and ideas with our PA and tailor a free-time program that best suits your needs.

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